Monday, 1 September 2014

Why you should get a pixie cut

So you're thinking about plunging into the pixie cut world? I'm here to give you a run down on why you should. It might be a scary decision at first but I went for it about 2 years ago (cutting about 20cm off at the time) and absolutely loved it. Here's a few reasons why pixie cuts are awesome:

1. Low Maintenance
Good god how I miss not having to do anything for my hair to look good. It would literally take me 5 minutes to slap on some gel and I'm ready to leave the house. That, and it looked better the longer I stayed without washing it. Pixie cuts really are the laziest of all cuts. I liked that.

2. You instantly look super stylish
This was mainly the reason I initially went for the pixie cut. Pixie cuts are a bold statement and make whatever outfit look instantly stylish. T-shirt and jeans? Boring. T-shirt and jeans and a pixie cut? Fashionista.

3. You can wear lots of makeup and not look trashy
I never really wear a lot of makeup anyways but I can say this from the 1 or 2 times I wore full makeup that you can go makeup crazy and still look elegant.

4. Same goes for accessories!
This is one I miss the most. I used to go insane with my accessories and still look chic. FYI Big earrings and a pixie cut are a match made in heaven. (ahem Jessie J)

5. Having your hair so short feels amazing (especially somewhere hot like Malta)
This one's a given but thought I'd include it anyways. If you live somewhere hot like Malta, a pixie cut is a great idea. You'll feel great when everyone around you looks like sweaty messes and your hair still looks perfect.

6. There's a lot you can do with it
Honestly I did a lot more with my short hair than I ever have with long hair. Styling short hair is the easiest thing to do. I would either just gel my fringe down, part it to the side, gel all my hair back, do a little quiff; and all this in 5-10 minutes.

7. Calm down, it'll grow back!
The growing out process might be annoying for some but it's really not that bad. Enjoy your pixie while you have it and if you decide you need a change like I did, it will grow back faster than you think.


  1. Very tempting it really suits you xx

  2. Case in point: Pamela Anderson's new pixie do lends her some much needed class !!

    So much better than this hot mess!!!