Thursday, 25 September 2014

Autumn Wishlist

Okay so it's going to be a while until it's properly Autumn in Malta and I can finally wear a coat but thought I'd put together some things I've been eyeing recently for when it does actually get colder here. I included a jumper that's obviously a staple for Autumn, this gorgeous checked coat and a checked cape as well as these ripped knee high waisted jeans. My favourite piece would definitely have to be these western inspired slingback boots. Sadly, I already own too many black boots otherwise would've gotten this already! Lastly, I've pretty much gone crazy for the crop top trend at the moment and I think this knitted cropped jumper is a great way to stick to the crop top trend in Autumn layered with a cardigan or a jacket on top.

So those were a snippet of items I've been lusting over for Autumn! Which are your favourites?


  1. the high waisted ripped jeans from asos are just the best. i love them soooo much, you need to get them.

    1. Definitely want to! Once i have more money i will haha xx

  2. That checked jacket is stunning, this is such a gorgeous wishlist! Love it x

  3. Love the crop top and high waisted skirt combo - looks fab on you!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr