Friday, 2 January 2015

New Years in Bari!

Kind of abandoned my blog for a good while there! Saying I'm busy with university would be an understatement but thought I'd share a few photos of my short break in Bari over the New Years. Was only there for about four days and it really is a gorgeous city. You can easily see the city in a day but we took our time especially since we weren't too used to the cold so most of our days were spent taking shelter in shops. (FYI great shopping there) Also experienced my first snow there which was incredible!

We also had a day trip to a nearby town called Alberobello which was definately the highlight of the trip. As you can see from the photos, all the houses in this city have these conical roofs called 'Trulli' which were gorgeous.

Have another trip coming soon after my exams so will be sharing my experience then!
Happy New Years everybody!

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  1. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.